John Wick 3 filming latest

Simon Brew Jan 18, 2018

John Wick 3 is set to start filming in just over a month, as cast and director details fall into place...

There’s been significant progress on John Wick 3 it seems, that’ll see Keanu Reeves returning to play the title role. It’s now being reported that filming will be starting as soon as March on the new movie, and that Chad Stahelski will be returning to direct.

Stahelski co-directed the first movie in the series, before taking on sole duties for the sequel. He’ll be filming the new John Wick in New York, with location work reportedly set to include Spain and Russia too.

The likelihood is that John Wick 3 will pick up the action pretty much where the second film left things. Laurence Fishburne, Common and Ruby Rose are all set to return as well, with Hiroyuki Sanada amongst the new additions to the ensemble.
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John Wick 3 Director, Cast, and Production Start Date Revealed?

John Wick 3 will begin filming much sooner than previously thought with the return of director Chad Stahelski as well as much of the cast. Stahelski has yet to officially say that he is attached to the third movie in the trilogy, instead saying that he is the "prep director," but it appears as if he'll be on to finish the franchise out. It was revealed last week that the working title for John Wick 3 is Alpha Cop, but it was assumed that production would begin this spring or early this summer.

A new report from That Hashtag Show reveals that John Wick 3 begins production on March 1st, 2018 in New York City with other rumored locations including Russia and Spain. The New York City locations point to the possibility that the movie will take place after the events of the second movie, which is something that Keanu Reeves has talked about.
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John Wick 3 Will Reportedly Bring Back Fishburne, Ruby Rose & More

The third film in the John Wick franchise reportedly has a director and an expected start date for principal photography. What’s more, several cast members from the past films may return for the latest chapter.

According to That Hashtag Show, Chad Stahelski — who co-directed John Wick: Chapter 1 with David Leitch and helmed John Wick: Chapter 2 — will return to direct the third installment in the franchise. Lawrence Fishburne, Common and Ruby Rose will allegedly return as well, reprising their roles as the Bowery King, Cassian and Ares respectively.
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Black Widow Gets a John Wick Inspired Fan Poster

A new fan-made poster for the Black Widow movie combines the world of Marvel with the gritty art of John Wick and it looks like it could be a legit poster for the movie. The Black Widow movie is currently in the very early stages of development according to reports that surfaced last week. Superhero newcomer Jac Schaeffer has been typed to pen the script with collaboration from Scarlett Johansson, and it has been rumored that they'll be getting to work on the story as soon as next month.

Marvel fans have been asking about a standalone Black Widow movie since the character first showed up in 2010's Iron Man 2 and now Marvel is actively pursuing the movie. Since the news dropped, fans have been cautiously optimistic about what a Black Widow movie will mean for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris Hemsworth has hinted at
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Daily Podcast: Jacob’s Best Movies of 2017, Red Son, John Wick, Monsters

Daily Podcast: Jacob’s Best Movies of 2017, Red Son, John Wick, Monsters
On the January 15, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film weekend editor Brad Oman and senior writer Ben Pearson to talk about the latest news, including a Superman: Red Son movie, a John Wick and Monsters TV series. And in Our Feature Presentation, Jacob Hall talks about his top 10 […]

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Black Widow Gets The John Wick Treatment In Slick Fan Poster

Natalia Alianovna Romanoff is finally – finally – about to spearhead a Marvel standalone movie of her own.

Otherwise known as the famous (and deadly!) Black Widow, news of a Romanoff-centric spinoff first brought the Internet to a standstill late last week, when it was revealed that Marvel had enlisted Jac Schaeffer to hash out a script.

Details are still few and far between, but there are already signs of tangible progress, as Marvel Studios looks to capitalize on its biggest female star. And not a moment too soon.

Scarlett Johansson’s former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent arguably enjoyed her best material in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Joe and Anthony Russo’s sequel that was steeped in the rich history of ’60s espionage. Taking that into consideration, we’re inclined to believe that the (R-rated?) Black Widow offshoot will double down on the character’s murky history as an ex-Soviet spy.
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“John Wick” is Getting Its Own Spinoff TV Series on Starz

The John Wick franchise has proven to be a true success. As a result, there is now news that there will be a John Wick spin-off for the TV screen, which will be broadcast on Starz once it has been completed. For those who are curious, said spin-off will be called The Continental, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it will be centered around the Continental Hotel, which has an importance place in the setting. What Can We Expect From the John Wick Spin-Off? First and foremost, a lot of people might be curious about whether the

“John Wick” is Getting Its Own Spinoff TV Series on Starz
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‘John Wick’ TV Series ‘The Continental’ Could Feature Ian McShane’s Winston [TCA 2018]

On Friday, Starz announced development on the series The Continental, a series set in the John Wick universe. After their panels, /Film spoke with Carmi Zlotnick, President of Original Programming for Starz, about additional details of the series. Since the series is set at the titular hotel for assassins, where Ian McShane‘s Winston is a manager, […]

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John Wick: The Continental TV Show May Include Ian McShane

John Wick TV show spinoff The Continental may be bringing back a familiar face in Ian McShane. The original John Wick seemingly came out of nowhere back in 2014, and on the surface it looked like a silly action flick where Keanu Reeves avenges his murdered dog. The movie turned out to be one of the best action films of that year, with Reeves perfectly cast as the legendary hitman. The film also had a great supporting cast, and the amount of world-building surrounding the film’s criminal underworld added an intriguing layer to the story.
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‘John Wick’ TV Series Confirmed

John Wick is one of those films that surprised audiences with just how good it was. Before the release, actor Keanu Reeves’ career had been on somewhat of a downward trajectory after a myriad of his films bombed at the box office. Then John Wick saved it, bringing Keanu back into the spotlight, and back into our hearts along with it. It wasn’t just Keanu that made the film however, it was the fictional world dreamt-up by writer Derek Kolstad; a world populated by secret assassins who trade in gold coins and have their own dedicated chain of hotels – The Continental. As the films have been so popular, and with the forthcoming John Wick: Chapter Three being the final film, Lionsgate and Starz are now working together to bring a television show based on the hotel to small screens worldwide.

The series will be set within the John Wick
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5 Superhero Movies Everyone’s Waiting To See In 2018

This Year’s Most Anticipated Superhero Movies

When it comes to superhero films, 2018 appears to be the year where this category truly dominates the attention of moviegoers. From the long-awaited release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War to the wildly anticipated Black Panther, there’s a lot to look forward to. So what does this year have in store? Below, you’ll find a list of the most anticipated superhero blockbusters scheduled for release in 2018.

Black Panther

Staring Chadwick Boseman as King T’Challa, Black Panther is the eighteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is set to release in the U.S. on 6 February 2018. First introduced to audiences in Captain America: Civil War, we saw the character driven by his desire to avenge the death of his father. In this stand-alone film, Black Panther along with his allies stand together to protect Wakanda from an impending threat and
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The Film Stage Show Ep. 279 – The Commuter

Welcome, one and all, to the latest installment of The Film Stage Show! Today, Michael Snydel, Bill Graham, and I are joined by Allison Shoemaker to talk about the newest film from Jaume Collet-Serra, The Commuter, starring Liam Neeson. We also spend a weird amount of time pitching the new John Wick-inspired TV series coming to Starz.

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M4A: The Film Stage Show Ep. 279 – The Commuter

00:00 – 16:05 – Introductions

16:06 – 41:17 – The Commuter review

41:18 – 01:38:57 – Spoilers

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Will The Franchise Ruin TV Too?

Neil Calloway asks whether TV is becoming less original…

It’s easy to slate the current state of cinema, and far too many people do it in an attempt to look superior and informed, but when they do it, it has a ring of truth to it. Not a single film in last year’s worldwide box office top ten was an original; all were sequels, remakes or both. When someone has told you how “it’s all just comic book movies now” and dismissed any argument that the cinema landscape isn’t all awful, they’ll probably also tell you how great TV is these days.

Again, they have a point. Away from The Real Housewives of Leicester and the Only Way Is Dorset, there are some fantastic projects being made from the small screen right now, but you can’t avoid the creeping sense that things aren’t
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Bob Odenkirk to star in thriller from John Wick writer

Alec Bojalad Jan 15, 2018

Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk will be lending his comedic and dramatic expertise to a new action-thriller

Bob Odenkirk has had one of the most fascinating careers in Hollywood. He started as one of the best comedy writers in the business by writing for brilliant sketch shows such as Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Ben Stiller Show, and his own Mr. Show with Bob and David. 

Odenkirk's second life has involved being a respected comedic and dramatic actor best known for his work in the Vince Gilligan-iverse, portraying Jimmy "Saul Goodman" McGill on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Now Odenkirk will keep his later career renaissance rolling by starring in an action thriller Nobody based on a script from the writer of John WickDerek Kolstad

Odenkirk will also produce alongside his producing partner Marc Provissiero

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Review: ‘Proud Mary’ Undercuts Taraji P. Henson’s Talents

The first trailer for Proud Mary hit the internet in July of 2017. After that came a few badass 70s-style James Bond-like posters with star Taraji P. Henson in shadows, gun drawn. It was hard not to get excited for what appeared to be a stylized assassin flick in the vein of John Wick with a bona fide bankable black woman in the lead, Tina Turner’s emotional adaptation of John Fogarty’s anthem rocking in the background. But then the release date hit with a January bow. Critics were told it wouldn’t screen for them even in the big cities. And Thursday night shows were canceled despite ticket buyers arriving with excitement. It’s one thing to block out press, but a whole other to do so to the public.

The only fathomable excuse — because I don’t want to believe a studio put up the money for
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John Wick Universe to Blast Onto Small Screen in The Continental

Fans of the John Wick franchise have reason to celebrate as word came from Deadline that Starz and Lionsgate are teaming to develop a television series based off of the popular films. Instead of waiting a couple years between films we will be getting weekly doses on our small screens.    The Continental will be set in the John Wick universe, focusing on the inner workings of the exclusive Continental Hotel which serves as a refuge for assassins.   (Chris) Collins expands the universe in the series by focusing on the Continental Hotel and those who find refuge under its roof. Set in a hyper-real version of Los Angeles, the series maintains the urgency of the action along with the dry humor from the John...

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John Wick TV show: more details emerge

David Crow Kirsten Howard Jan 16, 2018

A few bits of new info on the John Wick TV series, The Continental, have sprung forth. Ian McShane is in talks to reprise his role...

How far can a delightful joke be stretched? We’re about to find out, because the amusing five-star hotel in John Wick, which grew into being a whole underground franchise with its own governing bylaws and multiple, unique-to-assassins currencies by John Wick: Chapter 2, is about to be the basis of its own TV show!

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Yep, we're all set to check into The Continental on Starz (UK broadcaster Tbc, but we'd confidently bet a quid or two that it'll be Amazon Prime), and now we have a few very intriguing extra tidbits via Slashfilm, who
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John Wick spin-off TV series The Continental picked up by Starz

Fans of the John Wick franchise have more to look forward to than John Wick: Chapter 3 and the potential female-led spin-off Ballerina. Last year Chad Stahelski, who co-directed the first film and directed the second, revealed plans for a television spin-off called The Continental and now it has found a home at Starz.

Starz President & CEO Chris Albrecht announced at the Television Critics Association today that it has picked up the series, developing it with Lionsgate. The Continental will focus on the exclusive Continental Hotel seen in the films that serves as a neutral refuge for the world’s assassins and high class criminals. Rather than being set in New York City, the series will instead take place in Los Angeles.

“This series is truly unlike anything else on TV,” said Albrecht. “The Continental promises to include the thunderous fight sequences and intensely staged shootouts between professional assassins and their
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Bob Odenkirk to Star in Action Movie From ‘John Wick’ Writer

Bob Odenkirk to Star in Action Movie From ‘John Wick’ Writer
Bob Odenkirk, of Mr. Show and Better Call Saul fame, is about to become an action star. Odenkirk will produce and star in the new action thriller called Nobody, from John Wick and Atomic Blonde producers, with a screenplay from John Wick writer Derek Kolstad. This news is both extremely unexpected and extremely cool. Bring on Bob Odenkirk’s John Wick moment. After tackling both […]

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Starz Announces John Wick TV Series The Continental

The John Wick movies are absolutely top-tier action cinema: stylish, witty and pleasingly violent. Now, after cleaning up at the box office, Starz have announced that they’re teaming up with Lionsgate to develop The Continental, a TV spinoff that’ll explore the titular New York hotel in which the world’s top assassins can operate from and socialize amongst each other without fear of being killed (well, most of the time anyway).

Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy and The Man in the High Castle) will write and serve as series showrunner, with Keanu Reeves and the creative minds behind the movies in executive producer roles. Starz president Chris Albrecht, meanwhile, was eager to hype up the show in a recent statement, saying:

“This series is truly unlike anything else on TV. The Continental promises to include the thunderous fight sequences and intensely staged shootouts between professional assassins and their
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